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Challenge stereotypes of America's 81 MILLION immigrants.

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The American Immigrant Society is a proud initiative started by concerned American immigrants during the Presidential election year of 2016. 

We are all proud American immigrants, or children of American immigrants, 81 MILLION STRONG. 

It is time we raise awareness of the importance of immigrants for America for generations that came before us, and for those that will come after us.

This community appeal you are reading about here is for us to build a better future for American immigrants on the one hand, and also to project a positive image and message to the wider American public about the critical contribution of our immigrant population to a STRONGER, MORE CONFIDENT, MORE VIBRANT AMERICA.  

Please contribute now for our all important, tax-deductible
, Holiday and Year-End Appeal, so that you too can ensure that the immigrant voice will be well heard, and all immigrants’ work and contribution to our society will be well appreciated by the wider public.  Your life, or that of your parents or grandparents who came to Ellis Island, New York or  Angel Island, San Francisco, were and are precious, important, and well-deserved.  Please stand up and be counted. And by contributing now, you will automatically become a member of The American Immigrant Society for 1 year.