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The American Immigrant Society was established as a nonprofit organization by concerned American immigrants who believe that one of America's greatest strengths throughout its 400-year history has been welcoming the tens of millions of immigrants from over 95 countries to the United States. There have been five distinct periods in American history of major immigration into the country. The first one was obviously the Colonial Period of the early United States, starting with the settlement of Jamestown by English immigrants in 1607. The second wave of immigrants started with the Great Famine (Ireland) of 1847. The third one began with the period prior to World War I, from many embattled and impoverished countries in Europe. The fourth one began with the lead-up to Hitler's authoritarianism and genocide in the 1930s, again in Europe. The fifth wave began with the unraveling of East Asia during the aftermath of the Vietnam War, in the late 1960s. "The Statute Of Liberty" at the entrance of New York Harbor in New York City is often mentioned as an enduring symbol of the most powerful characteristics of the nation – Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and the importance of its immigrant population. Ellis Island and the 55 million immigrants who passed through there from the start of the Irish Potato Famine in 1847 to the start of World War II in 1940, were instrumental in creating and strengthening the United States during its early formation as a global industrialized country.

The activities of the American Immigrant Society are intended to foster a safeguarded and connected immigrant community in the USA, and to encourage a positive message of how American immigrants provide growth, jobs, and prosperity for the USA.

  The activities include:

- Create a digital, virtual network of like-minded immigrants and friends of immigrants. 

- Create symposia,networking events and web steamed communications to promote the positive economic impact of immigration in the US. 

- Be the predominant non-profit sector advocate for the "big city" Offices on Immigrant Affairs, starting with NYC. 

- Aggregate the individual ethnic immigrant non-profit organizations in the US under one unified organizational and thematic message.  

AIS's offices are located in New York City. New York City is where many Immigrants to the United States of all ethnic backgrounds and religious faiths settled and worked once they had cleared all immigration processes on Ellis Island.